Light & Heavy Commercial Assessments

Commercial vehicles keep Ireland’s products moving on a daily basis. If a commercial vehicle is involved in a motor accident, it can cause huge delays in distribution and shipping that increase the overall claim cost. This can become even more costly when one includes the rate of storage, shipping and vehicle hire for commercial vehicles.

The Duty Desktop engineer will support our clients with the specific required information needed to minimise spending on unfamiliar claims costs. This service will provide great peace of mind for commercial vehicle claims as well as increasing claims savings. ATECEA provide expert advice in the areas of light and heavy commercial assessments and provide expert staff with extensive knowledge based on experience in this area.

We aim to provide experienced engineers capable of inspecting and assessing damage to commercial vehicles. Our engineers have the ability to inspect and assess commercial vehicle throughout the island of Ireland within the agreed service level agreement times.

If required, ATECEA can provide an emergency service and instruct an experienced qualified engineer to travel to locations throughout Europe to provide our customers with a service that will assist in getting their commercial vehicle repaired on site in Europe thus minimising delays and also reducing excessive costs in repairs and vehicle hire during the repair process.

By working closely with our clients and designing a service that is suitable for their needs we will be able to deploy an engineer on demand at any time to meet our client’s requirements. We strive to provide an excellent service and always meet our clients’ needs and requirements competently and economically.

For a highly skilled and experienced service with a team of nationwide assessors call ATECEA on 01 466 6366 or e-mail us at: to find out more about our Light & Heavy Commercial Vehicle engineering and assessment consultancy services.

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We are leading automotive technical consultant engineers and assessors in the country. Our nationwide team of highly qualified engineers and assessors have decades of combined industry experience and are capable of providing a service promptly and efficiently, with all reporting overseen by our Duty Desktop Engineers in our main office. To find out more about how ATECEA can assist your company through assessment and engineering consultancy call 01 466 6366 or e-mail us at Contact Us