Bicycle Assessments

Bicycle Assessments & InspectionThe Cycle To Work scheme saw a dramatic rise in the sale of Bicycles in Ireland. With increased bicycle sales, the numbers of insurance claims relating to stolen or damaged bicycles have grown and as mid-range bicycles now retail from upwards of €500 the extent of financial loss due to theft or damage to a bicycle can also considerably more than it might have been previously.

Technology has improved significantly over the years with innovations such as hydraulically operated disc brakes, front & rear adjustable suspension and the use of high strength, low weight materials such as aluminium and carbon fibre frames all improving bicycle functionality. These items require detailed assessment from a specialised bicycle expert when stolen or following accident damage.

Bicycle Collisions

When a bicycle is involved in a crash it is important to have a specialised bicycle expert examine it to ensure that no damage or faults have been missed, in particular latent cracks to frames & forks. ATECEA have bicycle experts who have a depth of knowledge and understanding of what components require replacement for safety and aesthetic purposes.

ATECEA Engineers are industry experienced in the inspection of all road vehicles including bicycles.

Our engineers always have safety to the forefront of the service ATECEA provides.

The manner in which today’s bicycles are manufactured has changed greatly and so too has their cost. We have established relationships with experts in bicycle manufacture, distribution and repairs that assist us in providing a superior service in this sector for our clients.

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We are leading automotive technical consultant engineers and assessors in the country. Our nationwide team of highly qualified engineers and assessors have decades of combined industry experience and are capable of providing a service promptly and efficiently, with all reporting overseen by our Duty Desktop Engineers in our main office. To find out more about how ATECEA can assist your company through assessment and engineering consultancy call 01 466 6366 or e-mail us at Contact Us