Classic Car Engineer Reports

Classic car and vintage car owners are passionate about their vehicles, and no wonder. Being at the wheel of a beautifully restored and maintained classic or vintage car is like a trip down nostalgia lane, back to the glory days of motoring, and the car is bound to turn heads wherever it goes.

An incidence of collision damage or theft is therefore greatly upsetting to any classic or vintage car owner, and the insurance process that follows can make the situation even more frustrating. However, a Classic Car Engineer Report from ATECEA can help streamline that process.

Reports following a collision

All engineers on our panel are experienced and enthusiastic about classic and vintage cars, and possess a wide pool of knowledge with regard to their restoration, maintenance, and repair.

They have the know-how to produce a detailed Classic Car Engineer Report that will meet your insurance company’s requirements should your car be involved in a collision. The report will detail the damage caused and a thorough costing for repair, as well as giving an accurate assessment of the current market value of the vehicle at the time of the incident.

A Classic Car Engineer Report requires specialist knowledge, and ATECEA is a true leader in the field. Contact us for any such needs.

Reports following a theft

If your classic or vintage car has been subject of a theft, you may have difficulty with your insurance company as regards agreeing its market value at the time it was taken. This is simply due to the nature of the classic car market, as there may not be many other examples of the same make, model, and condition, to base your estimate on.

ATECEA engineers however maintain constant watch on the used car market and can efficiently and accurately identify the true value of your stolen car, should a dispute arise with your insurance company. Such a report from one of our SQIs (Suitably Qualified Individuals) will help greatly in resolving your claim.

If your vehicle was damaged during an attempted theft, or has been returned to you with damage caused following a theft, a report from ATECA can also help in the insurance process that follows.

Pre-purchase inspections

A Classic Car Engineer Report can also be of great benefit as a pre-purchase inspection if you are considering buying a classic vehicle.

Our engineer will conduct an inspection at an agreed time and venue, using all knowledge and experience gained over several years to closely examine all aspects of the car, and watch for faults that may not be obvious to most. You will receive a detailed report shortly afterwards, to allow you make a wiser decision on whether to proceed with the purchase or not.

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