Forensic Collision Investigation

When you are faced with dealing with the aftermath of a vehicle collision, call ATECEA for a comprehensive and complete forensic collision investigation service that is tailor-made to your particular needs.

Our investigative experts can visit the scene of the collision for thorough examination and measurement of the area, to draw a scale plan of it, and to capture relevant digital stills photography and/or video footage.

We also provide a full complement of vehicle examinations on all modes of road transport, including HGVs, PSVs, vans, cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. If a more detailed vehicle or component examination is required, beyond that of a standard vehicle assessor report, we can provide that too.

We can often determine pre-impact factors such as speed of vehicles involved based on a number of elements including physical evidence from the scene examination, vehicle examination, and electronic data recovery, download, and analysis. Our expert engineers employ the most up-to-date Bosch CDR (Crash Data Retrieval) tool to gather and analyse crucial collision data, and where appropriate, this forms part of our forensic collision investigation service too.

We can also provide a critical review of previously-prepared expert reports and vehicle assessments; to review their accuracy and validity; and an expert witness service for any legal proceedings that may arise as a result of a collision.

The full range of services offered by our Forensic Collision Investigations team includes:

  • Vehicle and component examination and damage analysis
  • Post-collision inspections for roadworthiness, modifications, and/or conversions
  • Collision damage consistency examination
  • Collision scene visits and on-site inspections
  • Collision scene electronic survey and data recording
  • Collision scene photography and video
  • Computer-generated collision scene drawings
  • Summary evaluation reports
  • Collision reconstruction reports
  • Tyre examination reports
  • Tachograph analysis (both analogue and digital)
  • Event Data Recording & Crash Data Retrieval (EDR/CDR)
  • Seatbelt usage determination
  • CCTV analysis
  • Forensic stolen vehicle examination
  • Witness statement analysis and expert witness service

All elements of our forensic collision investigation service are carried out in close consultation with the client, to ensure maximum accuracy and relevance.

Contact ATECEA at 01 466 6366 or for any further details required on our Forensic Collision Investigations service or to commission and investigation today.

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