Quality Auditing

The ATECEA Panel will carry out a Quality Auditing Inspection once the Repair Process is complete to ensure the appropriate and highest standards are being met.

As an Independent Automotive & Technical Consultancy Firm, we provide documented Reports of guaranteed accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Our Quality Auditing services can concentrate on any aspect of the Repair or Claim process depending on the client’s requirements

Below are some of the questions which can be answered by ATECEA.

  • Is the principle obtaining Quality Professional Repairs at a Reasonable Price?
  • Is there suitable and accurate Data & Document Storage ensuring validation?
  • Is the Service Provider competent and qualified for the job?
  • Is the Service Provider in line with current national certified requirements, e.g. EPA, Data Protection, etc?
  • Were the principle’s process requirements, as agreed, adhered to?
  • Are all Parts Invoiced for correct and where they fitted?
  • Are the vehicles being repaired to the proper standard?

Contact us at 01 466 6366 or info@atecea.ie for any further details required.

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We are leading automotive technical consultant engineers and assessors in the country. Our nationwide team of highly qualified engineers and assessors have decades of combined industry experience and are capable of providing a service promptly and efficiently, with all reporting overseen by our Duty Desktop Engineers in our main office. To find out more about how ATECEA can assist your company through assessment and engineering consultancy call 01 466 6366 or e-mail us at sales@atecea.ie. Contact Us