Post Repair Vehicle Inspection Reports

The ATECEA Panel can carry out a thorough Post Repair Vehicle Inspection following repair work allowing us to produce a Detailed and Comprehensive Report.

We can assess whether the vehicle and the repairs have been carried out to the correct and acceptable quality and standards.

We can also ensure the repairs are in line with the Safest Standards and Methods possible, and in compliance with best industry practice.

If needed we can also assess the overall Roadworthiness of the vehicle following repair.

The Benefits of a Post Repair Inspection Report can include:

  • Satisfaction of quality of repairs.
  • Financial savings in the long term when dealing with large number of repairs, e.g. fleet, insurance companies.
  • A declaration that the repairs conducted should not contribute to any further loss or damage in the future
  • Increased vehicle safety
  • Increased consumer protection
  • Safeguarding against attempted fraud
  • A declaration that the repairs conducted should not contribute to any further loss or damage in the future

All our Post-Repair Vehicle Inspection engineers are fully-accredited members of the IAEA.

ATECEA is an independent and impartial automotive and technical consultancy firm, and we guarantee accurate, thorough, and comprehensive findings in our detailed post-repair vehicle inspection reports.

This report can then be taken by both the Road Safety Authority and the Insurance Company involved as confirmation that the vehicle is safe to return to the road following repair, so cover can be arranged.

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