Camper Engineer Reports

A camper van is the holiday vehicle of choice for many, and for good reason. They combine the benefits of home with the best of being on the road, and easily allow a different stop each night to make a touring holiday a real pleasure.

A camper van becoming the victim of a collision or theft can therefore be extremely upsetting for the owner, who will want the insurance process that follows to be made as straightforward as possible. That is where a Camper Engineer Report from ATECEC will help.

Reports following a collision

ATECEA’s experienced panel of engineers knows how upsetting a camper van collision is, and how difficult it may be to resolve. The vast array of brands, makes, models, sizes, and even interior fit-outs means that accurately assessing damage and estimating repair costs can be difficult, and requires specialist knowledge.

Our engineers have that specialist knowledge. They understand the impact of a camper van being involved in an accident and the impact this can have on the owner’s  leisure time, and they strive to deliver fast and precise results.

They will ensure superb service in compiling and submitting a Camper Engineer Report, so that the assessment and claims process for motor homes and campers will be as efficient and straightforward as possible. If you need a Camper Engineer Report, ATECEA are the ones to call.

Reports following theft

Similarly, differences may emerge between your valuation of your vehicle and your insurance company’s valuation if you become victim of a theft. Again, a Camper Engineer Report from ATECEA can help resolve these differences.

Our engineers will use their extensive knowledge of the camper van sector to produce an accurate and detailed valuation report, listing sources and all other details required by the insurance company.

It can be your ticket to being properly compensated for the vehicle you have lost.

Pre-purchase inspection reports

A Camper Engineer Report from ATECEA can also benefit you when considering buying a used camper van or motor home.

There is much more to consider with such a purchase than with an ‘ordinary’ vehicle, in terms of both mechanics and living space. Furthermore, if the vehicle has been converted to a camper or motor home from another vehicle, an ATECEA report will determine if it conforms to all relevant legislation and indeed if it is ‘road safe’ for use.

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