Motorbike Engineer Reports

Motorcyclists in general have a greater love for their vehicle than most car owners, and so it is particularly upsetting when a motorbike is damaged in a collision or is the subject of a theft.

An expert Motorbike Engineer Report is crucial in both cases, to ensure you are properly compensated by the insurance company involved. ATECEA engineers are vastly experienced in the field and can efficiently and accurately provide what you need, to help streamline what can otherwise be a frustrating and lengthy process.

Reports following a collision

If your motorbike or scooter has been involved in a collision, ATECEA engineers can assess the damage to the vehicle; assist with claims investigations;  and also provide evidence-based reports to assist with liability disputes.

Our engineers can also assess and agree cost-effective repair costs with motorbike workshop repairers. Alternatively, we can precisely determine the correct and safe salvage category for the requirement.

With regard to personal safety equipment, our engineers and insurance industry experts can also assist in the settlement of insurance claims and provide a team to determine the extent of damage to the rider’s personal safety equipment.  This includes stating the exact costs of replacement or repair, while allowing for the equipment’s age and condition.

Reports following a theft

If you have been the victim of a theft, ATECEA engineers can provide desktop support services for the evaluation of the vehicle and its pre-theft value agreement, to ensure you are not substantially left out of pocket.

ATECEA engineers are experienced in determining and agreeing the correct market value for all vehicles, especially in what others consider as ‘difficult’ categories such as motorbikes, thanks to their extensive experience in the field.

Overall, a Motorbike Engineer Report from ATECEA will help immeasurably if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of theft victim.

Pre-purchase inspections

ATECEA engineers can also be engaged to carry out a pre-purchase inspection if you are considering buying a second-hand motorbike. The added peace of mind than an expert report will bring can make all the difference in allowing you to buy with confidence.

We will agree a location and time for the inspection, and we will then carry out a thorough check of all components of the motorbike before reverting to you immediately afterwards with our findings.

You are assured of an expert’s view based on our engineer’s knowledge gained through several years of experience, and relationships we have established with other major operators in the motorcycle field.

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