Bicycle Engineer Reports

The explosion in the popularity of cycling in recent years is welcome in most regards, but it has had three unfortunate consequences too:

  • A corresponding increase in the number of accidents/collisions involving cyclists.
  • An increase in the number of bicycles being stolen
  • An increase in the number of sellers offering high-end bicycles for sale a high prices, but with hidden faults.

If any of these situations applies to you, you can protect yourself with a Bicycle Engineer’s report from ATECEA.

Reports for insurance purposes

If a bicycle in involved in a collision, it is important to have it assessed by a specialist Bicycle Engineer, to compile a full report on the damage caused and ensure the owner is compensated correctly by the insurance company involved.

Non-specialist assessors can miss damage such as latent cracks to frames and forks. Alternatively, they may not put the appropriate valuation on such damage, or other damage such as to hydraulic disc brakes, adjustable suspension, or other aspects of the latest bicycle technology.

ATECEA instead provides bicycle experts who have a great depth of knowledge and understanding in both detecting damage and valuing the cost of repairs, for safety and aesthetic purposes alike.

If you need a Bicycle Engineer’s report following a collision, ATECEA will provide you with the best one available.

Reports following a theft

If your bicycle has been stolen, or damaged during an attempted theft, a Bicycle Engineer report from ATECEA can also assist you in dealing with the insurance company.

We will use our vast knowledge of the bicycle sector to produce a report detailing the accurate market value of the bicycle at the time of the incident. If the bicycle is still in your possession – either as a result of an unsuccessful theft attempt, or having been recovered following a theft – but has suffered damage, we will accurately assess the levels of repair required, and compile a detailed costing document.

Pre-purchase inspections

You may also decide to seek a Bicycle Engineer’s Report if considering buying a high-end second-hand bicycle at considerable cost.

With asking prices often running into thousands of euro, the added peace of mind of an expert Engineer Report can make all the difference in allowing you to buy with confidence.

We will inspect the bicycle at an agreed location and time, and contact you immediately afterwards with our findings.

You are assured of an expert’s view based on our engineer’s knowledge gained through several years of experience, and relationships we have established with other experts in bicycle manufacture, distribution and repair.

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