Taxi Engineer Reports

Pre Purchase Inspection

Are you considering buying a used car for use as a taxi?

It may look like the value option, but it can lead to downtime and expense if there are problems you don’t spot yourself. Instead, ensure peace of mind by having one of our engineers conduct a Pre-Purchase Inspection.

We can provide a full on-site inspection, vehicle history check, and comprehensive evaluation of the vehicle. We will give you all the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

Arrange an Inspection

Taxi Assessments & Equipment

ATECEA’s national panel of engineers will be on hand to provide helpful and professional services to ensure ‘off the road’ times are minimised. Our engineers are trained and certified to ensure cost-effective repairs are agreed to minimise downtime and reduce claims costs.

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Engineers Reports

ATECEA uses the latest technology to provide high quality Engineer Reports for the following services:

  • Vehicle Valuations
  • Part Prices Approval
  • Repair Estimate Agreement and Authorisation

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Technical Engineering Consultancy

At ATECEA, we have extensive expertise and experience gained from both the automotive and insurance industries. This allows us to provide a wide range of technical and consulting services including:

  • Accident Damage Assessment & Costing Programmes
  • Motor Claims & Accident Investigation
  • Locus (on-site) Inspections
  • Expert Witness Service

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We are leading automotive technical consultant engineers and assessors in the country. Our nationwide team of highly qualified engineers and assessors have decades of combined industry experience and are capable of providing a service promptly and efficiently, with all reporting overseen by our Duty Desktop Engineers in our main office. To find out more about how ATECEA can assist your company through assessment and engineering consultancy call 01 466 6366 or e-mail us at Contact Us